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We inform, communicate and teach about websites.
We inform, communicate and teach about websites.


Bassetlaw, Nottinghamshire

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WordPress Website Security

How secure is your website? Do you want to avoid your website getting hacked? Get strong and secure website security now!

Secure Your WordPress Website Against Attacks


Using trusted professional security tools and methods, we can secure your WordPress website, to prevent hacking attacks, fix any existing common security issues and add extra protection to your website.

Website security doesn’t have to be difficult; Let us take the strain so you have peace of mind.

Did you know that over 25% of websites are built on WordPress?

But very few of these websites have adequate security to prevent cyber attacks?

Your website security needs to keep the Hackers out!

Prevent Hacks

Stop Breaches

Prevent Malware

What our Website Security Services Offer to you:

Brute Force Attack Protection

Our Tools can limit the number of failed login attempts per user. Lockout the bad guys who are trying to guess your login password.

Detect File Changes

Find out if you’ve been hacked ASAP! Get alerts telling you if any files have been changed on your website which you were aware of.

404 Errors Detection

Bots generate 404 errors when scanning your website to  look for security vulnerabilities. Our Tools are able to lock out any  IP addresses that cause these errors.

Better Passwords

Our security tools can prompt your website users to have strong passwords, giving your website more protection from hackers. Using strong passwords on your WordPress website is an effective way to protect and lock down WordPress. 

Stop Bots and Bad Users

Stop hackers and bots in their tracks by locking them out of your website when trying and having too many failed login attempts. Our tools can detect failed login attempts, 404 errors and can also verify if the IP address is on any blacklists.

Away Mode

Using an away mode to make areas of your website inaccessible at specified times, such as overnight, makes your website safe from attacks from hackers trying to make unauthorised changes at these times.

Hide Admin Areas

One of the most vulnerable areas of your website is the Login and Admin pages.  Our tools can hide these so hackers won’t know where to go to login and attack your website.

Website Backups

Have scheduled website backups emailed to you. 


Get key information and notifications emailed to you. Our tools will email you to tell you  if someone has been trying to log into your website and has had too many failed attempts and when files on your website have been changed, so you can check that the file changes were authorised.

Securing your website is an essential part of your Website Maintenance

Two-Factor Authentication

Adding even more protection to your WordPress Website

Increase your websites’ protection from hackers; Have two-factor login authentication installed on to your website.


Two-Factor authentication will only allow users to log into your website if they have their password and a passcode (sent to their mobile device). The requirement to have both a valid password and passcode adds an extra layer of protection from hackers and bots trying to gain access to your website.

Every moment of the day, your website is vulnerable to attack from Hackers and Bots.

Do you have adequate measures in place to make sure they can’t succeed?

Security Dashboard

Monitor your website activity and security in one place

Do you know what a log entry is? Would you know how to spot if your website has been hacked or is still secure?

Our security dashboard gives you peace of mind at a glance, by displaying key security information in an easy to understand format. Anything you don’t understand, you can ask us and we’ll clarify it for you.

Become your website’s protector!

Security Report

See your website’s report and if there any any issues to fix

A easy to digest format report gives you the current security grade (set by security organisations) of your website, if there are any issues that are highlighted and need to be fixed, and other information on how you can improve the security grade.

Your Current Website Security Grade
Settings and Software Information
See where you can improve your website security

Do you know who is logging into your website?

Lock it down to specific devices and make it more secure!

Allow only Trusted Devices Access

Set which computers and devices can log onto your website

Blocking unknown devices from logging onto your website will help to protect against Session Hijacking, stopping any user logins from getting compromised and hacked into.

Just one badly secured user account can open up your whole website to hackers!

User Security

Review your website user security

Poor user security is a vulnerability that the hackers and bots exploit to gain access to your website.

Just one badly secured user account can open up your whole website to hackers!

Once we have installed our tools, you can easily and quickly assess all of your user accounts and amend their security if required.

Password Security

Ensure your users have strong passwords

Using our tools, you can create rules which make your users set and use secure and strong passwords to log into your website.

You can even add a password generator function, to help your users to choose and use a strong password!

Log in; Even when your Username is locked out!

Request a link to log in…

Your username can get locked out of your website for a number of reasons, including if the Brute Force protection is in action (keeping out the ‘baddies’!).

You can request a special login link to be sent by email, which can bypass the lockout​ and allow you to log in, whilst still letting the Brute Force Protection feature do its work!

Is your website protected against Malware?

Having Malware on your website can cause your host to close it down and Google to stop ranking it!

Malware Monitoring and Scanning

Monitor your website to check that it hasn’t been infected!

Malware doesn’t only leak data, disable the usability of your website and can infect your computer, but it will also see your website get removed from search engines, as they won’t direct traffic to your website if they know or find out your website is INFECTED!

Using Sucuri SiteCheck, our tools scan your website daily for malware, blacklisted status, errors and any out of date software installed on your website.

The tools also send out notifications via email, if anything is detected so you can take action to get the issue resolved.


WordPress Updating

Keep upto date and don’t be at risk!

Hackers love websites that haven’t been updated. They will have learnt about the vulnerabilities the out of date content management system has at each old version of the system. They know exactly what to do to gain access and do the damage they want to.

Make sure your website constantly up to date. Our tools can automatically update WordPress, your theme, and any plugins that are installed on your website.

Protect your website now!

Contact us now to find out more!

Send us your details and your requirements and we will be happy to call you to discuss your website and how we can support you.

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We also offer the following services:

We also offer other services such as Graphic Design, Logo Design, Copywriting, Proof Reading and Event planning.

Please get in touch even if you don’t see the service you required listed, as we’re happy to discuss how we can guide you to marketing greatness!

Website Support - Virtual Website Manager
We can provide website management and support virtually, meaning you don’t have to have a website manager, but you can keep your website up to date and running as it should do.

Monthly packages include website editing hours, updates, backups and development strategy work.

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Website Information Architecture
If you feel your website is getting difficult to navigate, then your visitors will be finding it difficult.

Let us take a look at the current information architecture, and then work out a strategy for you, help you implement the new structure and ensure that you guide your visitors to the actions you would like them to do on your website.

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Email Marketing
Proficient in email marketing; planning campaigns, designing and writing content, managing and segmenting contact lists and analysing campaign​ results.

Everything done for you, so you don’t have to do anything!

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Marketing Strategy
We can help you with your marketing strategy; taking you from a place of having nothing, to having a plan for 12, 24, or 48 months!

All aspects of marketing are covered including digital marketing, advertising, PR, and events.

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Single Web Page Design
This can be designing your landing pages, campaign pages or any other type of website page.
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Digital Workplaces - Consultancy
We can provide you with information, ideas and support in all aspects of the implementation of a digital workplace.

We have over 15 years’ experience in creating and managing​ large digital workplaces and intranets.

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Social Media Strategy
We can enlist our partner, The Social Media Lass, to help you to decide which social media platforms you should be on, find new ideas for content, social media campaigns, and create a marketing strategy that is easy to follow and will help you to grow your social media following.
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