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We inform, communicate and teach about websites.
We inform, communicate and teach about websites.


Bassetlaw, Nottinghamshire

Mon - Thurs 10.00 - 16.00

Friday - By Appointment


Website Training

Learn all about how to edit and maintain your website

Types of Training Offered

We offer a range of website training and coaching packages to suit all requirements, organisations, website types and budgets.

We’re here to help you to understand the whole of your website; how to edit the front end and make it look different, and how to maintain the backend of it, updating functions and plugins to keep it running smoothly and securely.

One to One Website Training

Bespoke website training, tailored to your exact needs

Our one to one training packages allows you to have training and guidance tailored to suit your exact requirements.

Working with you on an individual basis, either face to face (in a suitable location) or via online, we guide you through all aspects of the subject you have chosen to learn. It doesn’t matter what level your technical skills are at; we can coach you to becoming a website guru!

The first​ step is to have a chat, to find out what you want to use the website for, how much you already know and what your future plans are for the website.

We then ask you to allow us access to your website, so we can create a tailored training plan for you, to help you achieve your aims.

We also supply you with written instructions on how to edit and maintain your website, so you have these to refer to after your training.

Group Training

Is there a group of you who want to find out how to edit and maintain a website? We can help you!

We have experience in creating training courses for groups of all sizes and abilities.

Conducted either at a location to suit you, or via video conference, we can create a bespoke training package to bring your group up to speed in areas of your website you want to know how to edit and maintain!

As before, we will ask you about your website and for access to the website, prior to the training. We will then write a training plan to follow during the training session and will also supply training notes for future reference, after the training has taken place.

Training Aftercare and Support

As we understand that you might not be able to put what you learn into action straight away, and so might forget how to do some tasks or become unsure on what step to take next, we’re here to answer any questions.

We are happy to guide you through any tasks you might not be confident in doing, and we can give honest advice and guidance on your website and any future steps you want to take.


Feel free to contact us, to find out more about our website training services and how we can help you to understand and edit your website!

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Website Training;

Subjects Covered

Website Design Training

You want to learn how to edit your website, right?

You want to be able to build and maintain it yourself and you want to know how the technologies work?

We’ve also been there, done that and now have the t-shirt!

We want to guide you through the website build and design process

We can guide you through the technicalities of building your website that will look great and that people will find easy to navigate.

We can show you how to edit all the different sections of your WordPress website, how to avoid any pitfalls (we’ll use our prior experience and knowledge to help you avoid the mistakes, as we’ve made many of them, so you don’t have to) and anything else you might want to or need to know about website ownership!

Search Engine Optimisation Training

Everyone wants their website to rank as high as possible. So do you!

Why not learn how to prime your website to do this for you?

We can help you by giving you the knowledge and understanding on how to build your website, write your content and optimise your website images to gain the most SEO ranking benefit.

Using the theory you learn throughout the training, you will be able to make small changes to your website, plan for larger developments and additions and create an SEO strategy to give you the skills to continually take your website to the next level.

Website Analytics Training

Learn about the power of using visitor analytics to improve your website…

If you have a website, adding and analysing visitors data can make your life much easier when it comes to planning ahead, correcting any issues and seeing what visitors are actually doing and visiting on your website.

A great knowledge base in website analytics

We will show you how to add analytics to your website, and you’ll gain a solid knowledge base on what to look out for, how to analyse the data gathered, and how to use it to continually improve your website and expand on content that brings the right type of visitors to your website.

Website Maintenace Training

Learn how to keep your website up to date…

WordPress updates frequently, as do the plugins that are added to WordPress Websites.

Don’t be baffled by updates ever again!

There several tasks you need to carry out on a regular basis (monthly or so) to make sure your website is up to date and is protected too. Did you know that most websites are hacked via an old operating system (WordPress_ vulnerability they can use to access your website, or an out of date plugin? Time to learn how to keep them up to date and your website protected!

Website Images Training

Do you know how to optimise your website images

Did you know that you should?

We have been optimising images for use on websites for years and years, so we can show you the shortcuts, tools and tricks to get your images in tip-top​ format for adding to your website, in no time!

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