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We have a passion for social media which started after using it for many years. Learning about its direct benefits from using social media to communicate to our ‘fans’ in the outside world we can use this knowledge to help you.

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Social Media needs to be Managed

Social media needs to be managed to become an effective marketing tool. We can provide professional social media management services to you for any number or type of social media platforms; services provided include advice, training, content and set up.

A Variety of Social Media Platforms

We have social media accounts on a variety of social media platforms; to speak to our customers and advertise our services to new customers.

Tell the World About You

Social media is a great way to tell the world what you are about; what you do, what you love and how you would like to help them!

How can we help you with Social Media?

There are many ways we can help you; we can tailor our services to meet your requirements and to suit your budget.

Social Media Training

We can train you, as an individual or in a group how to use social media, how to set out accounts, the best practices of social media and how to handle bad feedback.

Manage Your Social Media Accounts

We can manage your social media accounts set up social media accounts for you; creating the account profile images, planning a content strategy, even managing the accounts for you and handling the comments and posts on your behalf.

Social Media Strategy

We can help you to plan your social media strategy, give you guidance on how to create an editorial calendar for the content you plan to post, and how to handle customer service online.

Gain the Most Exposure Possible

We also retweet, like pages, mention followers, reply to mentions etc. We work with you to gain the most exposure possible from your social media profiles and can work on special offers, discounts, promotions etc. Whatever your exact requirements, we’re here to help you.

What is Social Media?

Ah! Good question.

The term ‘Social Media’ wraps up an ever expanding number of online websites and platforms, where users can talk to each other online, to discuss ideas, share information and interact.

You may be familiar with social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, but did you know that YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram are also great platforms to use to send you message out the world?

Why should you use Social Media?

If you want to reach an ever expanding audience of people from all background, beliefs, interests and locations, then you should social media, as it allows you to speak to all of these people, when used in the right way.

Who uses Social Media? and Why does it Matter?

In the beginning of the popular platforms, it was mostly used by individuals who wanted to speak to each other online. Since then many businesses, organisations, interest groups and charities have found that it is a great way to speak to their ‘fans’.

Social Media matters to you; if you want to reach new people to tell them about what you do or what you care about, then you can reach them via their social media accounts.  People use social media for a wide range of functions; from locating friends and family, to researching products and services with a view to buying them. People now expect businesses and organisations to have a presence on the main social media platforms to check how they interact with their ‘fans’ and to check out for news and offers.

What can I use Social Media for?

To promote yourself, your organisation or business. To speak to the world and tell them your thoughts and ideas. To share your skills and knowledge to a vast audience who are always ‘hungry’ to learn new and useful things.

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We Manage your Social Media for a Low Monthly Cost

Our Social Media Management service is tailor-made specifically for you. It includes setting up and managing or co-managing one of the primary platforms, Facebook or Twitter. Other platforms are also available if your business requires them, such as Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, Linkedin etc.

We keep it simple and affordable. Our ‘Starter for 10’ monthly plan starts at the incredibly low rate of only £50 per month per account with no setup fees or contract to sign and free basic use of our Social Media Dashboard.

Our pay monthly social media plan includes the following services as standard:

Daily Tweet

One tweet a day will be posted, 5 days a week. We will tweet interesting, relevant content to your followers, which will be a mixture of promotional posts, along with interesting facts, tips and trivia.

Daily Facebook Post

We will keep your Facebook page updated every day. Whilst there should not be the same number of posts as on twitter, the content can be longer.

Social Media Dashboard

Everyone gets use of our free basic social media dashboard; one central point from which you can use to manage your social media accounts, such as your Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can find, schedule and monitor the social content on your social media accounts. Click here to see more details.

Social Statistics

Each month we will send you reports to show how your social profiles are doing, in terms of engagement, clicks, followers, likes, best times to post, most popular posts etc.

No Setup Fees. Pay Monthly. No Contracts. No Exit Fees.
Social Media Management. Made Simple.

Once you have signed-up for our fantastic ‘Starter for 10’ plan, you will have all the essentials that your business needs to get keep in touch with your customers on Social Media.

There will always be functions and features that you will want to add afterwards, and we have made this simple too. Introducing our Pick ‘n’ Mix Social Media Add-On Service.

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