Free Homepage Audit Report

Click below for your FREE Homepage Audit Report from ICT Media.  We will review and report on your homepage usability, performance, security and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). This gives you a great understanding on areas of improvement to focus on for your website.  We offer a full website audit at an additional cost should you wish to review your entire website.

Comprehensive Review

We will  review your homepage and it’s SEO.

​We will then produce a PDF report to help you understand your audit, what is great about your homepage and where you need to focus on improving, for your website to reach its  full potential.


We provide you with a clear, step by step list of area of your website homepage which need improving, together with the option to perform more in depth reporting over your whole website.

Improve Rankings

Search engines rely on a number of indicators to determine how to rank your website.  We can help you to identify problems that could be holding your website back from its full search results ranking potential.

Social Interaction

Social activity is important for communication with customers, brand awareness and as a marketing channel to drive visitors to your website.  

​In the review your social media  interaction on your website is assessed, and a report of where it can be improved is supplied.

Performance Review

Website performance is important factor to ensure a good user experience and reduce user ‘bounce rates’, which can affect your search engine rankings. 

The report you receive will give details of your website homepage’s performance, so you can find out if you need to make improvements or raise issues with your website host.

Usability Review

Usability is key for websites.  If user find your website difficult to navigate, or hard to use on mobiles, then they may ‘bounce’!

​Not having a mobile responsive website can affect your search engine rankings; Google now puts mobile before desktop in rankings as mobile internet browsing and shopping rises year on year!

The report will give information about your website homepage usability such as mobile device usability and other key usability information.  So you know if you need to improve.