A summary of the Information Commissioner’s Office’s 12-point GDPR checklist

A summary of the Information Commissioner’s Office’s 12-point GDPR checklist Ensure senior/key people are aware of GDPR and appreciate its impact. Document any personal data you hold, where it came from and who you share it with. Conduct an information...

Six privacy principles for General Data Protection Regulation compliance

In May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect. The new regulation strengthens local European legislation for data protection and aligns regulators under one authority. David Thomas, Head of Information Security & Privacy...

Why you should review your website

Why you should review your website regularly How long has it been since you last looked at your website? I mean really looked at it? How long since you've spent some time checking and reviewing the content? Checking contact details are up to date? Checking that all...

Why Even Small Businesses Need a Websites

If your company wants to be a success, then it needs a website. It is the ultimate solution to connect with customers, enhance brand awareness, and market to customers without breaking your budget. ICT Media take a closer look at just some of the reasons why every...

Great digital marketing books.

Great digital marketing books. #DontMakeMeThink #WebDesign #365BlogIdeas #blogging #vlogging #DigitalMarketing

Planning lots of great articles to write and share with…

Planning lots of great articles to write and share with you. #ShareTheKnowledge #ShareTheWealth

Just finished a great book on growth hacker marketing. Now…

Just finished a great book on growth hacker marketing. Now to put the ideas and creative juices into action!

Working on another website redesign this week, our clients want…

Working on another website redesign this week, our clients want to get noticed, you can to #ictmedia #websitedesign #getnoticed

Working hard on a client’s content rewrite. Early mornings are…

Working hard on a client's content rewrite. Early mornings are the norm here! #ictmedia #content #copywriter


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Comprehensive Review
We will review your homepage and it’s SEO.
​We will then produce a PDF report to help you understand your audit, what is great about your homepage and where you need to focus on improving, for your website to reach its full potential.
Improve Rankings
Search engines rely on a number of indicators to determine how to rank your website. We can help you to identify problems that could be holding your website back from its full search results ranking potential.
Performance Review
Website performance is an important factor to ensure​ good user experience and reduce user ‘bounce rates’, which can affect your search engine rankings.

The report you receive will give details of your website homepage’s performance, so you can find out if you need to make improvements or raise issues with your website host.

We provide you with a clear, step by step list of area of your website homepage which needs improving, together with the option to perform more in-depth​ reporting over your whole website.
Social Interaction
Social activity is important for communication with customers, brand awareness and as a marketing channel to drive visitors to your website.
In the review,​ your social media interaction​ on your website is assessed, and a report of where it can be improved is supplied.
Usability Review
Usability is key for websites. If user finds your website difficult to navigate, or hard to use on mobiles, then they may ‘bounce’!
​Not having a mobile responsive website can affect your search engine rankings; Google now puts mobile before desktop in rankings as mobile internet browsing and shopping rises year on year!

The report will give information about your website homepage usability such as mobile device usability and other key usability information. So you know if you need to improve.

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Check your website Usability

Is your website responsive or suitable to view on mobiles?

Is any Flash or iFrames used on your website?

Is the code readable and Google ‘friendly’?

Does your website have a Favicon?

Check your website performance

Make your website load faster

Minimise your website page loading speeds

Server Response Rate Check

Page Content Load Speed Analysis

HTML, CSS and Javascript File Errors

Image Optimisation

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Do you have an active SSL Certificate

Does your website HTTP redirect to HTTPS

Virus and Malware Detection

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