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We inform, communicate and teach about websites.
We inform, communicate and teach about websites.


Bassetlaw, Nottinghamshire

Mon - Thurs 10.00 - 16.00

Friday - By Appointment


Are you looking for help with your WordPress Website, Search Engine Optimisations (SEO), Website Analytics (Google Analytics), Website Security?

Or are you looking for Training on how to use and make the best of your Website?

That is where ICT Media Services can help you.

We want to help you and can tell you everything you want to know about;

ICT Media Services – We offer you services in;

Let us do the work for you, or let us train you on how to do it yourself – The choice is yours!

We’re here to help you

make your website great!

We assist you to achieve your website goals and full understand how your website works!


We can help you to become a Website SUPERHERO!

Did you know that your WordPress Website is under constant attack?

Do you have adequate security measures installed and running on your website?

Website Security and Backups

Let us help you to secure your WordPress website and prevent attacks from Hackers and Bots!


Security Dashboard
Our tools give you a security dashboard to monitor the security status of your WordPress website.
User and Password Security
Our tools help to improve your website security and minimise vulnerability to attack by allowing you to set trusted users, devices and set levels for the strength of the passwords your users have to log into your website.
Malware Monitoring
Once installed, our tool monitors and notifies you of the current status to protect your​ website from malware.

If your​​ website gets infected with malware, this could badly affect your search engine rankings!

Brute Force Attack Protection
Our tools protect your WordPress website against brute force attacks.
Website Backups
We can also provide website backups for your entire website, so if anything did go wrong with it, you can install the backup and be up and running again in the fastest possible time.

Backups can be stored in your Dropbox account or sent to your email account.

404 Error Detection
You can be informed of any 404 errors, so you can solve the issues and ensure your website runs smoothly for your visitors.

Do you need a website manager to create, maintain, manage, analyse and develop your website?


Try our Virtual Website Manager Services

Virtual Website Manager Services

Tell us what you need us to do for you on your website… And we will do the rest!
We make sure your website is the best it can be!


Virtual Website Manager

You don’t need to have a website manager on site to keep your website on top and up to date! Either on an ad hoc basis or through an agreed monthly retainer.

We can provide all the services of a website manager, such as content updates, additions, developments and strategy, virtually!

Website Design - Built from scratch

We specialise in designing websites which are

  • great looking
  • modern
  • functional
Website Design Refresh

If you think your website needs a spruce up or a bit of modernisation, maybe with some extra functionality, we can help you!

WordPress Websites Maintenance & Updates

We provide several levels of website maintenance to keep your website running as it is, depending on what help you require, including website development retainers to allow you to continually develop and add to your website.

User Experience

Using years of industry experience, we create great user interfaces (UI) User Experiences (UX) and customer journeys within clean, modern websites.

Do you have a website but haven’t been given any training or support?


Our Websites Training and Coaching Services can give you the skills you want.

Website Training and Coaching

Would you like to learn how to design, develop and maintain your website yourself, either in a one to one situation or with others in the same situation?


Websites - WordPress Editing and Maintenance

A ‘one-stop-shop’ training course to guide you through​ the journey to get you online with a great looking WordPress website!

We can provide you with​ comprehensive but easy to follow training on all aspects of building and maintaining a WordPress website.

We’ll provide you not just with the knowledge of where to start, but information about web design, user experience and general website maintenance.


These courses can be taken in a group, or on a one to one basis.

Search Engine Optimisation - Where to start

If you want to make sure your website comes out on top in search engines, and want to find out how to achieve this, let us guide you.

We give you a step by step process that you can follow to quickly get your website optimised for search engines.

We’ll be here to give guidance and help, and to clarify anything that you would like to understand further.

This course can be taken one to one, or in a group with others who are in the same situation as you.

Web Analytics - Why and How?

Web analytics can sound confusing, but honestly, it’s not!

This course will tell you how to set up analytics, how to add them on to your website and how to analyse your analytics reports.

Following our step by step guide, you’ll be using your analytics to find ways to improve your website, escalate your visitor numbers and increase your sales, in no time!

This course is offered online. 

Website Security - How to block the 'baddies'!


WordPress websites have always been a target for hackers and bots. They will try to exploit any vulnerabilities to gain access to your website and then use it for their own gains.

Fixing a hacked website can be a long and difficult process to do, plus if you are hacked, it can badly affect your search engine rankings too!

Learn what you should do to protect your website, your data on your website and make it secure for your visitors too.

This course is offered online.

Featured Work

Website CMS change and design​ Project

Photography Website built on WordPress to allow for growth

A Photographer asked for help with her website. Once a free audit was conducted, she instructed us to move her website from a photography platform to WordPress to allow her website to grow as her business does!

Who is ICT Media?

Hello! I’m Sharon. I’ve been building websites for over 15 Years

My main aim and the aim of ICT Media Services is to make websites easy for everyone. To provide high-quality​ website, SEO and web analytics services to all. Most importantly, to provide step by step education, guidance and support to all, helping you to get your website to where it​ should be and seen and visited by those who should visit it!

  • Website Design, User Experience and Customer Journeys
  • Website Security
  • Web Development
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media and Digital Marketing
  • User Training


  • 15 years working on a digital workplace – SharePoint
  • 15 years designing, building and maintaining websites
  • User journeys and user experience on digital platforms
  • 5+ years digital marketing


  • Degree – eCommunications
  • Digital Marketing Diploma
  • Psychology of Sales Diploma
  • Extensive range of Design Courses
  • Ongoing personal development

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