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“Your Website is your Virtual Shop Window”

Whether you’re either a small business looking for a website to bring you more customers, or a non-profit organisation or group that needs a website to advertise your weekly meetings, we will help you create and maintain a great website design, no matter what your goal is.  We also offer a free website review service for existing websites

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Well designed

A well designed website will look great; great colour schemes, fonts, page layout and also images. But what most web design agencies forget is that creating an easy to use, understand and navigate website is a vital component of website design.

Easy to Navigate

If your website visitors cannot figure out to navigate around your website, how to use your website or easily find the information they were looking for, quickly, they will leave. Exactly the opposite effect you want! Consequently your website won’t attract new visitors or hit the higher ranks in the search engine results. That is where we are different.

Experienced Website Designers

Using our previous knowledge and experience designing online products (not just websites; applications and online brochures too) we can produce websites for you which look great but because we understand how users browse online we can design websites which are also easy to navigate, so as a result the user can quickly locate information they are looking for.

Every business and organisation should have a website

Your customers, fans or friends are looking for you on the web. If you don’t have a website telling them that you are there, how are they supposed to find you? Even a simple, single page website, including relevant content and contact information will help people to find you and find out what you do when searching the web.

For many organisations or businesses it can seem like having a website designed built and hosted will cost too much and take too much valuable time, and that they don’t have the funds in place to pay for this in one lump sum, just when keeping costs to a minimum is, such as when starting a business.

Sure, there are DIY options available like WIX, Weebly etc, but do they portray a professional image?  The same as having a hotmail or googlemail email doesn’t really show you are serious, your customers might just think “what else are they cutting corners with”

Starter for 10 Solution – £500

This is where we think our ‘Starter for 10’ solution can help.  We can design and build you a basic 5 page website, for a single payment of £500.  We can also provide domain name and hosting if required.  We believe that this offers exceptional value for money for small businesses to ensure that they have a professionally designed and branded website.

This solution has been created with small businesses in mind. You choose a basic look and feel for your website and we will build it for you using your business information content and images and colours.  The Starter for 10 solution includes the following as standard:

We build for you

You choose a basic look and feel under our guidance and we will build it for you around your content and images and colours.  We do offer content writing services if you do not have your own content or are not confident in providing this.

Responsive Websites

It’s essential that your visitors have the same experience across all browsers, tablets and mobile devices. Our websites are fully ‘responsive’ to all mobile and tablet devices, which means they resize automatically for these sorts of devices, whist still displaying all the information as shown on your website.

Domain Name (additional cost)

A Domain Name is your website address. If you don’t already have one we can help advise you then source this for you.  This is an additional cost depending on the domain suffix, this is a yearly cost to renew the domain name. If you already have one, we will set it up to point to your website for you.

Website Hosting (additional cost)

We are able to host your website on our UK based fast, reliable hosting servers.  We charge for hosting up front for the year, this way you do not have to worry each month about paying for hosting and risk the website not being available.


If we host the website for you, we take care of all updates related to the hosting of the website to keep things running smoothly.  We are also able to provide you quotes for editing and modifying your website.


Unlimited number of pages

The basic website is 5 pages, this covers most small businesses (Home Page, About Us, Our Services, Our Products, Contact Us) You are entirely free to add as many pages to your website as you wish or we can cover this for you for an additional charge.

Social Media Buttons

If you have your own Facebook page or Twitter profile we will make sure they are integrated via buttons throughout your new website. We can provide a more in depth service via our Social Media Services.

Website Contact email address

If we host your website, then we are able to setup a contact email address normally info@ yourwebsite which gives a more professional feel than using your own personal email address.

Tap to call button

With more people using mobile devices, a simple ‘Tap to Call’ button is ideal for your customers to call you directly from the website, without having to make a note of your phone number.

Google map

We will build a google map into your website highlighting the business address. This helps to let people know you are local to them and to find you more easily when required.

Basic SEO Consultancy

Search Engine Optimisation; We can provide you with SEO advice to help people find your website using common keywords.  We do also have a full SEO management service if you require us to fully configure this for you.

Once you have signed-up for our fantastic ‘Starter for 10’ solution, you will have a fantastic website providing you with all the essentials that your business needs to get online and let your customers know you are there.

There will always be functions and features that you will want to add afterwards, and we have made this simple too.  Introducing our Pick ‘n’ Mix Website Add-On Service.

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